from its earliest years southwest benefitted from its generous community. Like the kids at southwest in the 40s, southwest students give back with service and contributions to help others. Support today's great students at southwest with a gift today! 

  • Your class contacts are Marian Cracraft at or 952.922.6623 and Maurice Dixson at or 952.933.1665.

  • The Class of 1949 will celebrate 67 years with a luncheon reunion on Friday, July 29, 2016 at 11:30 a.m. at Davanni's in Edina. For news of the reunion please contact Marian Cracraft at 952.922.6623.



  • Class Reunion! The Class of 1948 will have a reunion on Saturday night, September 9th at Diane Darr's home. A tour of Southwest High School has been scheduled for 1:00 that afternoon and alumni are invited to stay for the Distinguished Alumni Awards Ceremony at 2:00 p.m. to honor their classmate John Hetland, now deceased, who is a 2017 Distinguished Alumni.
  • Your class contacts are Diane Darr and Betty Baxter. Please contact Diane at or 952.881.4300. Contact Betty at 612.922.2384.



                Your class contact is Sally Hogan. Please contact her at 952.995.1185.

  • Your class contact is Gordy Farmer at 952.361.0122.
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Class of '45, did you celebrate your 70th?

We'd love photos and news from the Class of '44!




Class of '43, what did the building feel like when it was new?


You are Southwest's first graduating class! Please send news!